Video of the premiere of « Diurno » for solo percussion

The piece « Diurno » for solo percussion was premiered by Jens Ruland on August 25th 2018 during the last concert of the concert season « Musik aus der Stille » in the Church of Ligerz (CH).
Enjoy the video of this first performance:

Residence in ICST Zürich in 2019

Kevin Juillerat will be in residence in ICST (Institute for Computer Music and Sound Technology) in Zürich during three weeks in January and April 2019, in order to write a new piece for ensemble soyuz21.

CD of Maurizio Pisati’s works by KAIROS out now!


Set7 is the recording of Sette Studi by Maurzio Pisati, performed by the Iitalian guitarist Ruben Mattia Santorsa. Each study expresses an individual aspect of the instrument. Sette Studi has been transformed into duos for guitar and one other instrument, inspired by some mountain legends, popular fantasies and stories of spirits from the alpine borders of Italy, across national languages and Ladin dialects.

with: Ruben Mattia Santorsa, Marie Delprat, João Carlos Pacheco, Hugo Queirós, Kevin Juillerat, Céline Wasmer, Lino Mendoza, Anne-Laure Dottrens